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With this tool you can create parallel copies of lines or polygons. In the ‘Tool options’ dialog you can specify the number of copies and the spacing between copies. All copies are shown first of all only as a preview. They are only inserted into the plan when the settings are confirmed with ‘OK’. Activate the tool and position the mouse cursor over the object you wish to copy. As soon as an object is detected it is highlighted in the preview. In the following illustration a normal line is shown on the left, and on the right a line which has been highlighted by the tool.

Home Designer image11 474 Parallel Copy

Now click on the object. As a result the ‘Tool options’ dialog appears.

Home Designer image11 475 Parallel Copy

To create parallel copies in the opposite direction a negative distance must be specified.

The following example shows a closed polygon, for which concentrical copies have been created by specifying a negative distance with a constant increase in the distance between copies.

Home Designer image11 476 Parallel Copy


Parallel Copy