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One of the most important and versatile features available is free-form 3D modelling, which is included in the premium versions of the software. 3D modelling not only offers you the possibility to construct your own 3D objects for the catalog, but also increases the construction capabilities of the software over and above those provided by the predefined building components already described.

3D constructions can be created by combining 3D elements, known as solids, of which there are four different types.

·      Home Designer image11 510 3D Constructions Primitives: Basic predefined solids e.g. cube, cylinder, pyramid.

·      Home Designer image11 511 3D Constructions Extrusion solids: Created from a closed 2D contour for which a height is specified.

·      Home Designer image11 512 3D Constructions Rotation solids: Created from a closed 2D contour which is rotated about a specified axis.

·      Home Designer image11 513 3D Constructions Sweep solids: Created from a closed 2D contour which follows a defined path.


Once solids have been created in this way they can be edited with further functions such as merge and union, or using Boolean operations, to form new 3D constructions.

3D constructions can then be selected and saved as 3D objects in the catalog over the ‘Output>3D formats>3D object’ menu, can remain unchanged in the project and be saved with the project, or can be saved as individual entities in a special catalog. Which procedure is most suitable for a particular application, together with the basic functions and several obvious applications, is described with the aid of examples in the following sections.

In addition to this manual we provide training videos on our web site under ‘Support’ to further demonstrate certain topics and input techniques, and also there, we are glad to answer any user questions.


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