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To create an extrusion solid a contour must either be input manually as a closed polygon Home Designer image11 545 Extrusion Solids,or an existing contour Home Designer image11 546 Extrusion Solids can be used.

Input as a polygon can be performed in any view once a plane has been selected, see also ‘Inputting Primitives’.

To select a contour simply move the cursor over a surface in 3D or over a closed 2D contour, produced, for example, from a profile in the profile catalog.

When a surface or contour is detected, it is highlighted in red in the 3D preview and outlined in green in 2D.

Home Designer image11 547 Extrusion Solids

The solid is now created directly with a left mouse-click. The following extrusion solids result for the examples shown.

Home Designer image11 548 Extrusion Solids


Extrusion Solids