Inputting Primitives

Primitives can be input and freely positioned with the Home Designer image11 357 Inputting Primitives function or by inputting a rectangle Home Designer image11 500 Inputting Primitives which defines the width and depth of the solid. To freely position a solid it is attached to the cursor and can be dropped with a left mouse-click.

The properties of a primitive can be modified before it is inserted, in the dialog activated by a right mouse-click on its button, or over the properties context menu. While a solid is being inserted the reference point to which the cursor is attached can be changed by pressing ‘Ctrl+w’.


Insertion using a rectangle Home Designer image11 500 Inputting Primitives requires that a plane is defined with the first mouse click. This plane can be selected in all views, however the results differ.

In a 2D plan view the cursor shows the currently calculated height before a plane is selected, in this case the floor of an upper storey, the height being 2.8 m (the height of the storey below) plus 8 cm for the floor of the room over which the cursor is positioned, i.e. 2.88 m

Home Designer image11 542 Inputting Primitives

In a cross-section view the plane is located along the line of cut with which the view was created. If a plane is selected in a cross-section view and a solid is inserted, the result is as shown below. As a rule the solid must then be moved to its correct position in a 2D plan view.

Home Designer image11 543 Inputting Primitives 

In 3D views the plane is specified by positioning the cursor over a chosen surface. The resultant plane is then highlighted in red in the preview. This method saves further editing, for example, when the plane is the inclined surface of a roof, since the solid does not have to be subsequently positioned or rotated. With all solids, once a plane has been selected, the view can be changed for input. Therefore, the height can be determined in 3D and the solid can be input more accurately in 2D

An example: On the left the selected plane which is highlighted, and on the right a cube inserted in this plane.

Home Designer image11 544 Inputting Primitives


Inputting Primitives