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Sweep solids result from ‘sweeping’ a contour along a predefined path. The path can be defined in one of three ways.

·      Home Designer image11 556 Sweep Solids Polyline: Produces a sweep solid which is ‘open’ at the start and end, and which can be used to create, for example, baseboards in a room which cannot form a closed solid since they start and end either side of a door frame.

·      Home Designer image11 545 Sweep Solids Polygon: Produces a closed solid in which the end points meet and which can be used to create, for example, ceiling moldings at the junction of wall and ceiling.

·      Home Designer image11 557 Sweep Solids Contour / Path: Produces a solid which follows a contour or path made up of 2D elements. Several individual 2D elements must first be combined to form a contour. This option is useful for producing, for example, a path consisting of lines and arcs, as would be required to create a drainpipe.



Home Designer button Sweep SolidsInputting Sweep Solids

Home Designer button Sweep SolidsPolylines, Example for Baseboards

Home Designer button Sweep SolidsPoylgon, Example for Ceiling Moldings

Home Designer button Sweep SolidsContour / Path , Example for a Drainpipe

Sweep Solids