Outputting reports

Basically, the basic version provides various formats in which lists can be output. The procedure is always the same and can be demonstrated as follows using a timber list.

First of all a dialog is opened in which the template file is selected. Template files are found in the directory ‘\Templates’. In this example click on the field ‘Template file’ and open the template ‘Timberlist.lst.*’ over the ‘Open file’ dialog. If you wish to always use the same template for output, you can save the directory and name of the file with the ‘Save as default’ button. In future, the dialog is then opened automatically with the default template.

If the ‘Display output file’ option is checked, after the file has been saved, the program which is associated with the file format is started directly and the list displayed. For instance, if the template file is saved in PDF format, as a rule the associated ADOBE program would be started.

Home Designer image11 600 Outputting reports

The ‘Output list’ dialog is terminated with ‘OK’ and the ‘Save report file’ dialog is then opened. Here you can enter the desired file name and select the file format from a drop-down list. Normally PDF, RTF, Excel and HTML formats are available.

Home Designer image11 601 Outputting reports

After the file name and format have been specified, the list is generated.

Home Designer image11 602 Outputting reports

Outputting reports