Creating a project

Start the program over ‘Start>Program>Your software’ or over the shortcut on your desktop. The software logo appears on your screen. Next the program window opens with a grey background and the catalog on the right-hand side. Select with the mouse the ‘File’ menu in the taskbar. Now click on ‘New’ to create a new project.

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A 2D view with the title ‘New Project 1’ is now opened. This can be enlarged to a full screen with the maximise button in the top right-hand corner of the window. On the right-hand side you can see the project viewer, which shows the structure of the project. Select the title ‘New Project 1’ with a right mouse-click and choose ‘Rename’ in the context menu. Now enter a suitable name for your project, e.g. ‘House 1’. Confirm your input with ‘Enter’. You can now see that the name to identify the window has also changed.

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Before you start work on a new project you should first save it. To do this, use the ‘File>Save as’ menu.


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The software automatically suggests a directory in which to save your project under ‘C:\Documents and Settings\…’. It is also makes sense to enter the project name as the file name in the second-last field on the bottom right of the dialog box.

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The directory that is provided by your software to save your projects is found on the left-hand side of the dialog box with the title ‘Own”. You can of course use any other directory to save your projects. The quickest way to achieve this is with a click on the icon ‘My computer’. Then enter the file name and confirm it with ‘OK’. Your project is now saved under a new name and you can save your work at any further stage over the ‘File>Save’ menu or with a click on the disc icon Home Designer image11 59 Creating a project in the first horizontal task bar.

If at some later date you select the ‘File>Open’ menu to open your project again then a list of the logical project names, and not the file names, is displayed. Therefore in our example ‘House 1’ would be shown. However, if a project has been selected, the name of the file is shown in the second-last field on the bottom right of the dialog box. The project can also be found under this file name in the Windows Explorer.

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Creating a project