Inserting a Roof

To insert a roof on the top floor, select the ‘Roof construction’ plug-in Home Designer image11 118 Inserting a Roof in the plug-in toolbar (the third horizontal toolbar). Now click again on the ‘Roof construction’ button in the plug-in functions in the left-hand vertical toolbar.

Home Designer image11 119 Inserting a Roof

Select ‘Insert roof on selected contour’. Move the cursor over the plan. As soon as the contour of the building is recognised it is outlined in green. With a left mouse-click open the ‘Roof construction’ dialog. Click on the ‘3D’ button in the bottom right-hand corner to obtain a 3D view of the roof.

Home Designer image11 120 Inserting a Roof

In the 3D view you can select a roof plane directly with a mouse-click and specify settings for profile, pitch, height and overhang.

Home Designer image11 121 Inserting a Roof

Under ‘Profile’ you can choose from the most common types of roof profile.

Home Designer image11 122 Inserting a Roof

For Roof side 1 click on ‘Jamp sill’


Home Designer image11 123 Inserting a Roof

Here you can specify the parameters for the architectural aspects of the roof, e.g. height of the intersection: outside edge of brickwork / top edge of roof, or height of the eaves above the finished floor level, or height of the pointing sill etc.

If on the other hand, you click on ‘Jamp sill (inferior purlin)’ for Roof side 1,

Home Designer image11 124 Inserting a Roof

here you can specify the roof heights for the structural aspects, e.g. support height of the eaves , width and thickness of the purlin etc. You can specify individual settings for each roof plane, or alternatively you can copy the settings from one roof plane to other roof planes. If for example you are in roof plane 1,

Home Designer image11 125 Inserting a Roof

you can copy the settings for profile, pitch/, height and overhang.

Accept the default settings by clicking on ‘OK’.

In the plan the top view of a hipped roof is shown. If you switch to the 3D view you can see that the roof is set slightly too low. Select the roof in the 3D view and with a double-click enter the ‘Roof construction’ dialog again. Under ‘General’ we find ‘Move roof level by“. Enter 50 cm here and click on ‘Apply“.

Home Designer image11 126 Inserting a Roof

Click on ‘OK’ to exit the dialog, resulting the following view:

Home Designer image11 127 Inserting a Roof

Inserting a Roof