Inserting Dormers

Click on the ‘Roof construction’ button in the plug-in toolbar (the third horizontal toolbar). At the end of the plug-in functions in the vertical toolbar we now see the button for ‘dormers  Home Designer image11 128 Inserting Dormers with an arrow to open the selection window.


Home Designer image11 129 Inserting Dormers

Select the Shed dormer. The dormer is now attached to the cursor and can be dropped onto the roof. Move the cursor to the outside edge of the left exterior wall and drop the dormer on the roof with a left mouse click.

Home Designer image11 130 Inserting Dormers

The ‘Dormer’ dialog is now opened.

Home Designer image11 131 Inserting Dormers

Click on ‘OK’ to accept the settings shown under ‘General’. Over the  sub-items of ‘General’ we can specify the settings for ‘Materials’, ‘Cladding’, ‘Timber construction’, ‘Timber dimensions etc., which we are familiar with from the ‘Roof construction’ dialog.


Home Designer image11 132 Inserting Dormers


Now you can insert a window in the front wall of the dormer.

Home Designer image11 133 Inserting Dormers

Inserting Dormers