Inserting Stairs

The ‘Stairs’ plug-in is located in the third horizontal toolbar, the plug-in toolbar. After the ‘Stairs’ plug-in has been activated the toolbar with the plug-in functions is updated and you start by clicking on the button for ‘Staircase construction’. You can choose from three types of staircase

Home Designer image11 104 Inserting Stairs

Select the ‘Geometrical stair’. Set the start point in the hall on the inside edge of the front door. The stairs are now attached to the cursor.


Home Designer image11 105 Inserting Stairs

Change the reference point of the stairs with the key combination ‘Ctrl+w’ (select the bottom lower reference point). Click a second time in the bottom left-hand corner of the hall, a third time in the top left-hand corner of the hall and finally on the left edge of the door in the hall. Now press ‘Enter’ and the ‘stair’ dialog appears. Simply click on ‘OK’. The plan of the stairs should now appear as shown in the following illustration.

Home Designer image11 106 Inserting Stairs

To edit the stairs select them with a left mouse click so that they are highlighted in red. With a right mouse click open the context menu and select properties. The ‘stair’ dialog appears.

Home Designer image11 107 Inserting Stairs

The dialog provides settings for the type of staircase construction (solid stairs or wooden stairs), for the type of banisters and the size of the wellhole  Under ‘Geometry’ of the stair, set the width in ‘Stair dimensions’ to 90 cm and the tread depth to 25,7 cm. If you click on one of the other input fields the message ‘modify run length’ appears.

Home Designer image11 108 Inserting Stairs

Select ‘modify centrically’ and close the dialog with ‘OK’. From the menu on the left select the properties dialog for ‘Handrail left’ and deactivate the option for ‘Create handrail’.

Home Designer image11 109 Inserting Stairs

Close the dialog with ‘OK’. The stairs should now appear in the plan as shown in the following illustration:

Home Designer image11 110 Inserting Stairs

If you switch to the 3D view the following view should appear:

Home Designer image11 111 Inserting Stairs

Inserting Stairs