2D Guidelines

Different types of guidelines, and methods of creating them, are provided for 2D plan views and 2D elevations/cross-sections. The main difference in the types of views is that guidelines, as with several other 2D elements, are present in all plan views, but in cross-sections are only present in the view in which they were entered. The reason for this is that cross-section views do in fact also represent the model, but from different angles depending on the placement of the symbol for the line of cut of the cross-section. Therefore, there is no point in showing 2D elements, such as guidelines, in all views.

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With lines there is a difference between a straight line and a straight length. Straight lines are ‘infinite’, whereas a straight length has a start and end point, which is noticeable in the different methods for entering them.

All types of guidelines can be suppressed for each view over the visibility option for the construction aids category.

The properties for colour and style, can be set for all types of guidelines. These properties can be changed later, and can also be specified when the guidelines are being created in the properties dialog, which is activated over the context menu opened with a right mouse click. The advantage of doing this when they are being created, is that the guidelines then have the right properties immediately, and do not have to be modified later.

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2D Guidelines