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For 3D views, the software provides 3D guidelines of various types, which can be selected with the Home Designer image11 279 3D Guidelines button.

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The various types of 3D guidelines are from top to bottom:

·      Guideline parallel to the x-axis

·      Guideline parallel to the y-axis

·      Guideline parallel to the z-axis

·      Any straight length

·      Any straight line

·      Edge guideline

·      Guideline parallel in a plane

·      Guideline parallel in a plane at a distance

·      Any guideline (2 points) in a plane

·      Perpendicular guideline in a plane

·      Vertical guideline in a plane

·      Horizontal guideline in a plane

When creating 3D guidelines, the current position is shown by a 3D cursor, which snaps to surfaces/faces, edges and corners. To help in creating guidelines relative to axes and all straight guidelines, the line itself is shown. The edge guideline and guidelines in a plane are explained further in the following sections.

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3D Guidelines