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Skylights can be inserted into roof planes in both 2D and in 3D views. On switching roof planes, the skylight is automatically turned to face the outside of the roof if necessary. In 3D views the roof planes, in which the skylight is situated, appear transparent to allow a view of the rooms and the timber construction beneath.

When skylights are inserted, matching openings in the timber construction are created automatically. The dimensions of the timber for the openings are identical to the dimensions of the rafters specified in the ‘Roof’ dialog.

Skylights can be positioned freely within a roof plane using the mouse. The calculated position of the skylight can be numerically adjusted, with regard to the sill height and the Opening height, in the ‘Properties’ dialog for the skylight.

Home Designer image11 400 Skylights

The values for sill height and opening height are taken from the deduction body surrounding the skylight, i.e. the invisible body which determines the opening in the roof and roof covering. The following sketch shows the positions to which the values refer, measured from the top of the ceiling structure.

Home Designer image11 401 Skylights

Additionally, the embrasure for each side of the skylight can be specified if it differs from the default setting, which is perpendicular to the slope of the roof. The values for the embrasure also change the deduction body, and the lining of the roof starting from the inside edge of the skylight’s 3D object.