Insertion Modes

There are four different ways to insert walls:

Home Designer image11 330 Insertion Modes Multiple insertion between two points: The input forms a polygon, whereby the end point of one wall represents the start point for the next wall. The tool also allows multiple insertion of individual walls without having to restart it. After creating a wall over a start and end point, you can return with ‘Esc’ to enter a new start point, which does not necessarily have to coincide with the end point of the last wall. Only when ‘Esc’ is pressed twice is the tool finally terminated.

Home Designer image11 331 Insertion Modes Insertion between two points: Creates a single wall using a start and end point:

Home Designer image11 332 Insertion Modes Multiple insertion with numerical editing: Polygonal input, which allows numerical editing, after the polygon has been defined and completed with ‘Esc’,. For further information see the section titled ‘Insertion Aids’.

Home Designer image11 333 Insertion Modes Insertion of a parallel wall: Creates a wall parallel to the face of an existing wall, which must first be selected.

You can create other walls, which differ from the standard types, if you change the properties over the context menu opened with a right mouse click, before the wall is inserted. This saves having to edit the individual elements later.

Insertion Modes