Editing Bars

When the ‘Edit Bars’ dialog is activated, it first shows a preview of the working area.


Home Designer image11 383 Editing Bars

There are three possible ways to create bar arrangements in the working area:

·      Load a bar arrangement from the catalog

·      Create a bar arrangement from a 2D symbol

·      Enter individual bars

Selection from the catalog is performed in the same way as for other elements. User- created bar arrangements are also available in the catalog if the are saved in the directory Installation\AEC\Bars. This can be performed directly in the dialog with the Home Designer image11 384 Editing Bars button.

Home Designer image11 385 Editing Bars

Single bars can be added using the following button and the corresponding context menu:

Home Designer image11 386 Editing Bars

Positioning of the bars is performed in the dialog which then appears.

Home Designer image11 387 Editing Bars

When a bar has been positioned, you can change its position numerically in the following dialog and at the same time specify whether the value is fixed. If a value is not defined as fixed, the position of the bar will change accordingly when the casement size is changed.

Home Designer image11 388 Editing Bars

Editing Bars