Representation in 2D Plan Views

The options for the representation of windows and doors in 2D plan views may differ in detail, but the basic options are identical. Both objects offer the options ‘Standard’, ‘Wire frame’ and ‘Symbol file’. For the ‘Standard’ option you can specify, using the properties available together with line- and fill-in styles, the settings which t uses to draw the alternative representation of the object in the plan.

The ‘Wire frame’ option provides a wire frame representation of the 3D door or window object, in exactly the same way as for furnishings from the catalog.

If the 3D object has an integrated symbol file available, which can be allocated using the chunk editor (see chapter ‘Alternative 2D Representation of 3D Objects, Chunk Type 2D Alternative Representation’), then this file is used with the specified scaling options.

It should be noted for doors with the representation option set to ‘none’, that you can no longer select these doors, or see that a door has been selected, in 2D plan views, since the alternative representation of the object, which is normally highlighted in a specified colour on selection, is missing.

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Representation in 2D Plan Views