Product Range

Due to the modularity of the software we are able to offer a constantly changing and expanding product range. Therefore, new product combinations will be made available, when basic functions for building construction and/or a combination of plug-ins for specific applications create an overall package which is of interest to  certain customers. The final combination is of course determined by the individual customer, who can at any time customize his software to meet his current requirements.

Below is an overview of some of the plug-ins and applications available.

Note: Depending on the version you are using, some of the plug-ins described below may not be included in your product. However, if required these can be purchased either separately or as a package.



Home Designer button Product RangeThe 3D Converter

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Home Designer button Product RangeQuantities, area calculation type 1 / type 2

Home Designer button Product Range2D DXF/DWG Import and Export

Product Range