Plan Layout

The plan layout plug-in provides functions for the layout, design and presentation of plans and drawings to scale.

Being a fully integrated plug-in, it uses the current project data and construction details directly, and is not independent of the model of the building.



·      Add one or more views to your project

·      Position existing 2D views and cross-sections anywhere in your plans

·      Create new views for your project and modify the displayed data using options for the visibility of categories.

·      Complement views with existing or your own 2D symbols, 2D graphic elements and images. Images can not only be photos but also results from the visualisation of your project.

·      Usage throughout of all functions available for 2D views.

·      Any modifications to the design are automatically updated in all views, as all data is based on the project model. This guarantees that there are no differences between project model and plan.

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Plan Layout