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With the Home Designer image11 172 2D Graphic Views and Parallel Perspectives button a 2D graphic view can be created from an active 2D view and its content. This view no longer contains construction components. All content is converted into the 2D graphic elements, i.e. lines, polygons etc., with which the construction components were originally defined. These 2D elements are no longer  linked to the  current project. The advantage of a 2D graphic view is that all 2D elements can be edited and, if required, deleted separately. This makes it possible to perform detailed editing on certain elements of your drawing and then save them as 2D Symbols for later use. Alternatively, you can delete unwanted elements, such as the line between floors shown in the example which originates from the walls, before printing the plan.

When creating a 2D graphic view, depending on the settings for visibility and resolution, several tens of thousands of graphic elements may be generated, which can seriously affect the performance of the software. Therefore, 2D graphic views should only be created when really necessary and closed as soon as possible.

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A parallel perspective can be easily created from an active 3D view, by positioning the the 3D view as required, and subsequently opening the new view. You will then be asked if you would like to maintain the angle of view. These views are still linked to the construction model and behave similar to cross-sections. You can thus modify visibility settings and if required affect the representation by activating hidden line processing. On the top left of the following illustration a perspective is shown, which was created from the 3D view beneath it. To the right of it you can see a further perspective with activated hidden line processing. Representations using hidden lines require a great deal of processing, in particular when changes are made to the model. It is therefore recommended that this function only be used when really necessary, or that visibility for these views is disabled in the project viewer. Non-visible views are not constantly updated and therefore do not affect software performance when planning.

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2D Graphic Views and Parallel Perspectives