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In an active 3D view the ‘walkthrough’ mode can be activated with the Home Designer image11 175 Walkthrough button. In this mode direction and inclination are controlled by moving the mouse. Using the mouse wheel the height of the viewing position can be altered. Forward and sideways movement are controlled by default with the arrow keys. Other key combinations and further options can be specified in the ‘walkthrough’ dialog. The dialog is activated by a right mouse-click on the button, or as a properties box in the 3D view.

The movement can be accelerated by a specified factor by pressing the SHIFT key when moving.

Home Designer image11 176 Walkthrough

Each 3D view offers a panel at the bottom with which you can walk through the current window.

Home Designer image11 177 Walkthrough

The functions in the panel differ slightly from those for rotating and zooming with the mouse. The two buttons on the right rotate the scene about the current observation point and not about the origin of the scene, and the ‘Move forward’ button moves the view point past the centre based on the geographical coordinates, whereas zooming with the mouse stops here.