Presentation and Sketch Views

Apart from the normal 3D view there are two other view modes available, which however depend on the capabilities of the graphics card of the computer being used. Since not all graphics cards support the required functions, it is possible that neither of these views can be activated. For certain planning functions at the moment, working with these views may be considerably slower, for instance editing timber constructions or surface elements. In this case it is recommended to work with the normal view and to activate the presentation and sketch views only if you wish to create images in these formats.

The following illustration shows the basic differences between the three display formats. From left to right it shows a presentation view, a normal view and a sketch view. The presentation mode supports real time shadows, real time light sources and Normal Maps. Overall the results are clearly more vivid than with the alternative method of calculation.

Home Designer image11 202 Presentation and Sketch Views

The various 3D display formats can be activated over the option button with the same name.

Home Designer image11 203 Presentation and Sketch Views


Presentation and Sketch Views