2D Representation of Roofs

Without additional options the 2D representation of roofs is determined by the contour of the roof itself. However, in some cases this form of representation is not sufficient. The options required to adjust the representation of a roof are part of the 2D view and are therefore located in the ‘Extended’ section of the properties dialog for the view itself. It can be activated over the context menu, opened with a right mouse-click in a 2D view.

Home Designer image11 441 2D Representation of Roofs

Basically, options for following representations can be found in this section of the dialog:

·      filled representation of a roof

·      representation using hatching

·      cut-off representation, i.e. only the parts of a roof area up to a defined height are drawn

·      representation using contour lines

All options only affect the current 2D view.

Home Designer image11 442 2D Representation of Roofs


2D Representation of Roofs