Home Designer image11 430 Shed Dormer Shed Dormer

As with the ‘Roof’ dialog, the various properties of the dormer are presented in a tree structure.

Home Designer image11 432 Shed Dormer

Under ‘General’, in addition to the roof, the dormer walls can also be defined. Here you can specify whether a wall should be created for a particular side of the dormer, and if so, the normal ‘Wall’ dialog can be activated for each of the walls.

Home Designer image11 433 Shed Dormer

Additionally, for the shed dormer you can select under ‘Front side’, whether the dormer should be hipped.

Home Designer image11 434 Shed Dormer


Under ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ you can specify the usual settings for the roof planes and select one of the roof profiles available.

Home Designer image11 435 Shed Dormer

Shed Dormer