The ‘Roof construction’ dialog always starts with the ‘General’ section. Here the height of the complete roof can be adjusted, without having to edit each individual roof plane. A value for the adjustment relative to the lower edge of the rafters can be entered and the roof adjusted with a click on the ‘Apply’ button.

The options for ‘Visible in Preview’ change the representation of the roof, and have a effect on the speed of calculation of roofs with a large number of roof planes. Each change in the ‘Roof construction’ dialog results in a complete recalculation of the whole roof and its 3D preview. If you do without certain details in the representation, such as the ridge, valley gutters, guttering and cornices, the time required to calculate the roof is reduced. The ‘reduced display’ option is automatically activated when the dialog is opened for a roof with more than 10 roof planes.

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The ‘Timber list’ dialog provides a summary of the amount, dimensions, lengths and volume of the timber required to construct the current roof. The timber list can be exported in various formats, e.g. PDF, RTF, or Excel, over the ‘Export>Reports/ >Timber list’ menu, independent of the dialog.

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