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The ‘Material Editor’ is opened with a double click on the selected material or, after a right mouse click, over ‘Properties’ in the context menu.

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Here we find all the settings needed to modify an existing material, or to create a new material and save it in the catalog. The software uses its own file format for materials, with the suffix *.mat. The material files can contain, in addition to the material properties, textures and normal maps, since these files for different image formats are included directly in the *.mat file. If you wish to change the texture or normal map for a material, right click on the field with the title ‘Texture’, under ‘General’ or ‘Normal map’. Over the context menu, you can activate the ‘Open image file’ dialog or delete the image directly. A left mouse-click on one of the two images activates the ’Open image file’ dialog directly.

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