Floors/Rooms with Split Levels

The characteristics of layers as described above also form the basis for creating floors whose rooms are on different levels.

Whenever a floor is created, a ‘Floor plan’ layer with a level 0 relative to the level of the floor is generated. If you wish to create a room within this floor which is not at level 0, proceed as follows:

·      create a new layer in the floor

·      in the dialog that appears set the level that is required

·      now enter on the new layer (see project viewer) the walls for the new room

·      it is important that walls on different layers do not connect to form new rooms. To close the room use the ‘Room boundary’ wall type, which does not represent a ‘Floor plan’ wall but only serves to close a room. Without a closed room no floor would be generated for the room.

·      As a rule the ceiling must now be input manually, since the automatic ceiling does cover the new room.. However, first the automatic ceilings option must be deactivated in the properties dialog for the floor.


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Floors/Rooms with Split Levels