Layer construction of Building Components

Some of the building components, such as walls, roofs and floors, are composed of layers with their own defined properties. Each of the components mentioned above always has at least one layer defined by default.

Home Designer image11 29 Layer construction of Building Components

In the ‘Layer construction’ dialog, further layers can be created and their settings modified. As an aid, the layer being currently modified is highlighted in colour. For each layer you can define a name, thickness, building material and layer separator. The arrows on the right alter the position of the current layer upwards or downwards within the component.

Layer constructions which are frequently used can be saved using the toolbar in the right-hand margin. These layout files are normally found in the directory ‘your software-installation\AEC\Layouts’, which is automatically referenced in the ‘Save’ and ‘Load’ dialogs. You can structure the layouts in the directory yourself by creating subdirectories in the same way as for catalogs.

Note: The thickness of a component is equivalent to the sum of the thicknesses of its layers. For multi-layer components the thickness should be modified over the layers in the ‘Layer construction’ dialog. If the thickness of the component is changed in its normal properties dialog, the top layer of the component will always be modified automatically.

Layer construction of Building Components