Example using Coordinates

A further construction aid is ‘Coordinates’. It can be used to position elements according to exact specifications.

For instance, you would like to insert a rectangular support with its left lower corner at a distance of 1.25 m from the wall shown. First of all, on input change the reference point of the support to be the left lower corner using ‘Ctrl+w’ and position this exactly on the face of the wall.

Home Designer image11 38 Example using Coordinates

Now click the right mouse button and activate over the context menu the construction aid ‘Coordinates’. Alternatively you can press ‘p’ on the keyboard, as indicated by the p in parentheses in the context menu. This now opens the ‘Insert Point’ dialog.

Home Designer image11 39 Example using Coordinates

The dialog already provides the absolute coordinates of the left lower corner of the support in relation to the base of the plan, as this was the position of the cursor at the time the construction aid was activated. To position the corner of the support 1.25 m to the right, i.e positively on the x-axis, you can make use of the possibility in your software of performing calculations in input fields. Simply type 3.18 + 1.25 in the field for the x-coordinate and press ‘OK’.

Example using Coordinates