Layout of the User Interface

The user interface conforms to the operating system settings for the display of windows and buttons. The appearance of the user interface can therefore vary depending on the system being used.

Home Designer image11 4 Layout of the User Interface


The software has several toolbars which allow the user access to the various program functions. The toolbars and their functions are, from top to bottom and from left to right, as follows:

Standard Toolbar: Open and Close projects



                            Copy, Cut, Paste, Delete

                            Redo / Undo

                            Zoom (Rectangle, Zoom in, Zoom out, Show all)


View Toolbar:        Create 2D plan views

                            Create 3D views

                            Create 2D sectional views

                            Arrange views

3D View Toolbar:   Select representation mode (Textured, Wireframe, Wireframe with hiddenline removal)

                            Parallel view

                            Background mode (monochrome, colour gradient, background image)

                            Ray tracing

                            Save image

                            Select and Create view points

Plug-in Toolbar:     Select functions

                            2D Graphics

                            Construction elements (walls, supports, chimneys, doors, openings, roofs, dormers, skylights)

General Functions: Guidelines


                            Measuring functions


Layout of the User Interface